California Probate Calculator

Probate Calculator figures are statutory and are calculated by the state of California accordingly. Pursuant to Probate Code §10800, an Attorney shall be compensated for ordinary services based on the value of the Estate as accounted for by the executor or administrator. Please note that these fees are set by law for all attorneys in California. The executor or administrator is also entitled to receive the same compensation as Attorney. Please enter the value of the estate below:

Estimated Estate Value

Estimated Probate Fee & Commissions

Estimated Estate Value

4% of first $100,000

3% of next $100,000

2% of next $800,000

1% of next $9,000,000

0.5% of next $15,000,000


4% =

3% =

2% =

1% =

.5% =


Attorney’s Fee


Executor’s Commission


Estimated Fees & Commissions