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Why Marty Burbank Is One of the Most Influential People in Orange County

Attorney Marty Burbank and his wife, Dr. Seon Chun-Burbank

In 2016, Attorney Marty Burbank made a 12-year commitment to the kindergarten students at Anaheim’s Rio Vista Elementary School. With an estimated $1.2-million-donation, Burbank announced he and his wife, Dr. Seon Chun-Burbank, would finance college tuition for all 26 students in Rio Vista’s kindergarten class.

To recognize his generosity, the Orange County Register named Marty Burbank as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Orange County. As the publication explains:

The focus here is less about familiar public figures and more about sharing the stories of local newsmakers and unsung heroes who had a big and specific impact.”

Marty Burbank’s Philanthropy

Burbank was recognized for his philanthropy and wants to make sure all 26 kids stay in school long enough to receive his generous gift. He also wants to help ensure that “every child is educated so that he or she can learn a living wage.” In addition to giving back to the community, Burbank encourages others to give in whatever ways they can and works as an attorney at OC Elder Law.

According to his bio on the site:

Marty Burbank wants to live in a world where children are healthy and safe, where seniors live without fear or pain, and where veterans are cared for and respected.”

Marty Burbank’s Legal Practice

Burbank is the founder of OC Elder Law and a veteran of the United States Navy. He is a featured expert in estate planning and elder law for Forbes magazine, and he frequently appears on the news to speak about seniors, military veterans, and legal issues related to their care and quality of life.

With philanthropy, Burbank helps create the world he wants to live in for our children, and with his legal practice, Burbank makes his vision a reality for local seniors and military veterans.

To learn more about Attorney Burbank’s philanthropy, check out our blog, read the story on CNN, and learn more about The Roosters Foundation of Orange County, where Marty serves on the Board of Directors.

For legal assistance in your golden years, please contact Marty Burbank at OC Elder Law. Call us at (888) 493-5088 or contact us online today to book a brief evaluation free of charge.