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Most Affordable U.S. Cities In Which To Retire


smiling elderly coupleFinding a city that is both a pleasant and affordable place in which to retire is a task that many people undertake each year. Fortunately, there are interesting and attractive US cities that offer a manageable tax burden and a low cost of living to such individuals. Below are some great places that our estate planning attorneys have learned about for soon-to-be retirees who wish to enjoy their golden years while keeping costs under control: 

Safe and Convenient Kendall

Convenience and safety are two reasons the city of Kendall, Florida ranks high among retirees looking for an affordable place to live. Seniors have reported feeling safe walking through the city’s downtown section any time of the day or night, and the crime rate in the city is very low. Additionally, a post office, beauty salon, pharmacy, restaurants, supermarkets and medical offices are all within walking distance from the town’s center. The cost of living in Kendall is six percent lower than the national average and the tax burden is also well below the country’s average. Additionally, Florida residents pay no individual income tax.

Great Living in Huntsville

The cost of living in Huntsville, Alabama is approximately five percent less than the national average and is a tax friendly state for retirees. Work opportunities are also higher than the national averages for seniors who wish to supplement their income. This city in the heart of Dixie is also filled with attractions and activities that retirees can access easily from most residential neighborhoods.

Taking it Easy in Savannah

Featuring a low crime rate and easy to navigate roads and highways, Savannah, Georgia ranks high on the list of affordable retirement cities. Well known as a tax friendly area for retirees and boasting a cost of living that is 9.4 percent below the national average, this picturesque city has an appeal for those searching for a beautiful, yet affordable place to retire.

Revitalized Pittsburgh Cost-Effective Choice for Northern Retirees

With one of the lowest tax burdens for seniors and a cost of living below the national average by more than eight percent, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a great choice for retirees who are not necessarily looking for a warmer climate. Here, seniors can ride the city’s buses and trains for free on a daily basis, and easily accessible healthcare is always available due to Pittsburgh having revitalized itself by investing in medicine.

Safe and Tranquil Palm Coast

Retirees looking for a tranquil, safe and affordable Florida city need look no further than Palm Coast. This peaceful community has a low crime rate, a cost of living that is six percent below the national average, and a relatively low tax burden for seniors. Retirees are usually pleased to discover that due to its location on Florida’s upper East coast, it is also less touched by serious storms than other areas of Florida. Palm Coast has retained most of its natural beauty throughout the years, and therefore many retirees find it a tranquil, yet thriving community.

Affordable Living in Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Arkansas boasts a cost of living that is 10 percent less than the national average. Although not quite as tax friendly as the cities mentioned above, its lower cost of living and the broad range of senior friendly services offered by the county offset this factor. Additionally, plenty of low cost attractions and activities are found in the county, as well as an easy-to-use public transportation system that can be accessed by senior citizens for free.

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