To encourage family members to use this tool, we are offering a 10% discount on legal fees for anyone who brings a print out of the Compassionate Communication worksheet to their initial consultation meeting.

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Compassionate Communication

We meet with people regularly who struggle when communicating with their loved one who has been touched with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of Dementia.

Those who love someone with Dementia often struggle and become frustrated when trying to communicate with their loved one.

Why The Form Is Here

Sometimes this can be made much better by learning some simple communications techniques.

Alzheimer’s Orange County has put together a wonderful two page work sheet entitled “Compassionate Communication with the Memory Impaired”

We feel strongly that if caregivers can take just a few min to study this worksheet, and review it from time to time, that they will greatly improve the quality of life for both themselves and the family members they are caring for.